How It Works

Energy deregulation allows customers like you to choose who supplies your energy. Just like you shop around for telephone service or Internet, you can now choose your energy supplier based on your preferences.  With a market that is now open for competition, independent companies compete for your business, which means better options for you.


How It Works

  • Switching is simple and safe

    You will still get one bill from the utility just like you always have.  The utility will still provide delivery, service and maintenance, so there is no risk or change to the power lines or equipment in your home.  Plus, you can feel better knowing you’ve made a good choice for your family. Click here to learn more about how you can choose a plan that is best for you.
  • Enrollment is fast and easy

    Enrollment only takes a few minutes of your time.  All you need is your basic contact and utility account information.  You'll notice Energy Rewards' name and affordable rate on your bill in one or two billing cycles.  Go to the enrollment page to see our rates and get started.
  • Affordable, Reliable, Renewable

    Thanks to deregulation, suppliers like us can provide better energy options to your customers. With Energy Rewards, you can choose from rate plans that may help you save money or do something better for the environment. The utility will still provide delivery and maintenance, plus you'll be able to stay with a company you know and trust for the supply portion of your bill.